Toy Story Dvd review

Toy Story 3 dvd Review

Since 1995, we have all been dreading the thought that someday Andy would have to grow up. After what transpired for Jesse in Toy Story 2, what future might await Woody, Buzz and friends? It is 15 years later, and we have finally found out what exactly happens to all of the toys we have grown to love. Toy Story 3 is a wonderful, heartfelt tale that has the ability to make the coldest heart warm. Everyone will enjoy this film, young and old. In true Pixar style, no one is left behind from the magic of this film.

At age 17, Andy is headed to college. As the toys have been played with less and less over the years, Woody, Buzz and everyone dream up schemes to get Andy to play with them again. “Operation Playtime” doesn’t go over well and they have to face the music. It’s about time to go in the attic, a fate that Jesse in particular dreads. The toy soldiers hit the road; they parachute out the window and disappear in the wind. Woody is the only toy Andy throws in the college box and all others go in a trash bag for attic life. There is a mix up of bags and after barely escaping the trash, all of Andy’s toys, including Woody, end up at Sunnyside Day Care. At first all of the toys, besides Woody, seem excited to finally be played with again. But for Woody, Andy is their owner and if he wants them in the attic, then they should be in the attic. Lotso -Huggin’ Bear seems to run things for the toys at Sunnyside. However, when the toys are moved from the Butterfly Room to the younger, rougher Caterpillar Room, Buzz ultimately uncovers some sinister plans happening at Sunnyside.

The new/older toys introduced in Toy Story 3 will bring back memories, such as the Fisher Price Chatter Telephone and the monkey with cymbals. Bonnie, who attends Sunnyside Day Care, is a new character you will instantly love. Her playtime with toys are filled with great imagination and care, a reminder of the little boy who is now all grown up.

Almost all the original voices are back with the fabulous additions of Bonnie Hunt, Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords) and Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm). Slinky Dog’s voice has been changed due to the passing of Jim Varney. Sid, the evil neighbor boy from the original Toy Story even makes an appearance, this time as a garbage man.

Some enjoyable features of Pixar movies are the inclusion of “Easter Eggs” throughout their films. Easter eggs are hidden bits that reference past and future Pixar movie projects, as well as tributes to people or movies the makers of the films wish to pay homage too. There are 60 Easter eggs in Toy Story 3! My favorites in Toy Story 3 include Totoro (a grey, fat bunny like creature) from Hayao Miyazaki’s 1988 film My Neighbor Totoro. In the same shot, while Woody is on the computer, the number 237 in the screen name is a reference to director Lee Unkrich’s favorite movie The Shining.
Toy Story 3 is a wonderfully written story that ties up the Toy Story trilogy perfectly. For young and old, you will always have a friend in Toy Story.